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It's #web3 buidl time! That's why we pay tribute to the outstanding potential that deploys Blockchain solutions in major economic sectors. #buidl #blockchain

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Award Explanation


This award offers a great opportunity for Startups from Central Europe to present their unique solution to a prestigious jury, interested investors as well as a live audience of up to 7,500 blockchainistas.

As we celebrate entrepreneurship and excellence, each category winner will be

  • awarded with 10k prize money
  • invited to join PwC’s Scale Web3 series (vol.1)
  • supported by boost media awareness and branding

Furthermore, every participant will

  • gain access to a blockchain ecosystem driving network of investors


Better future with blockchain

We award solutions that contribute to quality education, affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, and sustainable cities and communities.

Infrastructure & Tools

The foundation is least noticed but most important. Without strong, sustainable infrastructure layers and tooling, adoption can’t take place. We celebrate the inconspicuous heroes, that build Layer 0s, 1s, 2s, bridges, interoperability solutions and developer tools, ranging from smart contract security, analytics, security, Blockchain-as-a-service, node operation, and asset tokenization.

Decentralized Identity & GovTech

Ownership is tied to identity, whether with anonymous public keys on the blockchain, or digital avatars. We are looking for those making it easy for governments, businesses, and citizens to manage identities.

Building Trust

Crypto and regulators, in theory, have aligning goals. We want to reward blockchain applications that simplify bureaucracy around regulation of AML, KYC, etc. for the CeFI and DeFi and other applications, that are working towards narrowing the gap between the blockchain industry and perception of policymakers.

Creator Economy & NFTs

Web3.0 appends the Web2.0 paradigm, read and write, with owning and (according to the respective regulation) transfer digital assets. Therefore, enabling musicians, editors, photographers, designers, developers, and artists to truly capture and monetize the value they create. We celebrate those facilitating this noble transition.

Game changers

Innovation sparks in the most unexpected places. Game Changers are the rebels swimming against the masses, not only for the sake of doing so, but also to challenge existing paradigms and schemes by digging for more than gold. We cheer for you!




Any team can apply that:

  • is based in Europe
  • uses Blockchain, DLT & decentralized protocols in their solution
  • is able to visit the online pre-selection event (virtual) and the finals (in-person)
  • has transformed the vision or igniting idea already into a valid business plan, ready for execution



Frankfurt - live pitch

30 May, 2023

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37

60327 Frankfurt, Germany


Munich - live pitch

31 May, 2023

Bernhard-Wicki-Straße 8

80636 Munich, Germany


Berlin - live pitch

1 June, 2023

Kapelle-Ufer 4

10117 Berlin, Germany


Online live pitch

15 June, 2023


Hamburg - Final

29 June, 2023

Congressplatz 1

20355 Hamburg, Germany